This is MY spot (Carrer dels Tallers)

Hola mis cielos bellos!

This time I want you to get to know my street Carrer dels Tallers. I can say without any doubt that this is MY street. If you're crazy about vintage stores as I am this is a street to be! It's busy all the time so it's impossible to sleep here but at the same time it's perfect, because you get to hear good music around you (Arctic Monkeys are playing non stop) and see stylish people every time you leave your building. This city and especially Carrer dels Tallers is a heart of tattoo lovers and cool kids hanging out, because there's MACBA (contemporary art museum) around the corner where all kids come to skate or girls come to watch guys skating (sad but true). 
Must see vintage stores in this street:
PIMP - if you're ready to pimp up your wardrobe! Loads of wicked sunglasses here.

Flamingos - they have two stores in the street. One is vintage kilo where you pay for a kilo of clothes and another one is more of a boutique full of different designers clothes. This is where you get your old school sneakers and cut offs!

Holala! Can't skip that one because our balcony is literally above this store. Charismatic guys are working there! Got to love the vibe. It has two stores in the street like "Flamingos". The smaller one is below my balcony and the huge one is around the corner where you can also find furniture. 

On top of that you can rent vintage bikes here that say LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED!

Next time when you're in town I'll see you here! My balcony is wearing a heart so that you know where I live if you want to take me for ice cream :)) 

See you soon! Keep up with my blog because tapas, sangria and Rumbeta are on the "to do" list! 
Hasta luego! I'm going to see Rumbeta show! 


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