Terere or One More Way to Keep it Cool

Hola mis cielos bellos!

Since Barcelona is a hot city you have to know some ways how to cool yourself because water is not always an answer. There are several options how to cool yourself:
1. Water
2. Shower
3. Iced coffee
4. Terere - my favorite one!

In honor of Día de Amigo (Friends day) in Argentina yesterday we made some nice and very iced Terere! Terere is a cold version of Argentine drink "mate". "Mate" is a caffeine-rich infused drink normally served with a special straw and is supposed to be drank from a special cup made from a pumpkin or wood. The cold version of it is not that bitter as a common one and is very refreshing, so here's how you make it.

Besides of what you see in the pic you also need some water.

First juice your oranges and grapefruits.

Then take another container (whatever that has a top) and pour some water, ice and "mate". Then mix everything and pour the juice in it and mix it once again. Just MIX IT!
Now you got it! Pour everything in the thermos for keeping it cool. Fill your cup/glass and drink it with a straw (because you don't want herbs in your mouth). Yay! Enjoy!
So that's how we celebrate friends day in Barcelona! Very Argentine way (that's just how much I love Argentina!)

Love and peace,

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