I just want to talk a little bit about World Cup that just ended. Yes, you read it right.
I was never interested in football. I never cheered for football. Never even had a thought about liking football at all (all I know about football is David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo - really lame). But last Sunday I was going crazy. This post dedicated to peace in the world.

I learned all Argentine songs! I cheered for this amazing country like crazy. LOCA! And then when Argentina lost my Argentine friend started crying and couldn't stop for half an hour. And then we went to Plaza Catalunya where Germans and Argentines gathered after the match and it was massive. On one side Argentines were singing and dancing and just being happy meanwhile on the other side Germans didn't even know how to express the happiness so they just started coming to our side saying "Guys, that was a really great game. Let's make peace!" Finally got to the moment when my Argentine friend started painting Argentine flag on Germans' cheeks and that was worth a million!!! 

P.S. I'm still jobless but living amazingly in Barcelona. Peace!

That moment when German is kissing Argentine flag.

After all football is over and everything is easy again.
Love and peace,

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