I remember when before going to Argentina a lot of people told me that it would be so cheap there for me but then I got there and got a little shock when I saw that a chocolate bar costs 10lt/3euros. I remember my mom even sent me a box of different chocolate bars just because it's so expensive there! Anyways, the point is that before moving to Barcelona everybody told me that I'd get a job really easy and fast but the thing is that I'm still NiNi (neither studying nor working), in other words, I'm jobless. Here's a quick review of job interviews that I got last week:
1. The first day I got here I got interview with Woford; all went great but they open the store only 1st of September so NEXT
2. Party Guide! I thought why not? Sounds fun and they pay you. So I met the owner, got a cup of cafe con leche and left the interview with a huge smile on my face. I though I'm gonna be a guide! The guy said I get to do mostly walking tours and pub crawls. That means you pick people up from hostels and basically talk to them a looooot. So yesterday the guy writes me on FB and says "you're in! Can you come tonight for the pub crawl?" I was like HELL I CAN! And then I saw what does it mean to guide drunk people. The whole thing is supposed to be real fun but actually it wasn't that exciting. As long as we got in the last club (one of those least favorite huge clubs) we straight went to the beach with other maybe future colleagues and that's basically how the night ended. Oh wait, forgot to mention that I also tried the worst wine in maybe future colleagues' apartment. People say it's just easy money meanwhile drinking Gin&Tonic and looking at you with totally crashed face. So that's my job nr.2 experience.
3. I got a trial in a beach bar. The funny thing is that when the owner called me I couldn't quite catch a name of the bar so I made it up (ok not exactly. I got the word "blue" in the name so I googled it). Then I went there after the interview for the party guiding. I saw the place and I said to myself "Sarune, if you start working there you gonna die suffer so much and you do not come to Barcelona to suffer!!!" so I turned around and walked away. I can't be a waitress, I just cannot.
Just wait until my next post which start "Sooo I got the job in this restaurant with the biggest terrace in the city so I already broke one set of wine glasses".
4. Well this story is my favorite. Long story short I got into the bar where I was supposed to have an interview after the bar that I left at the beach and it looked really weird from the outside. It was the only bar or any public space in the street. So I get in the bar, start talking to the old lady who owns the place when I suddenly realize that I'm here not for bartending job, so I ask her "what is this job?" and she mumbles something in Spanish. After a while I got the point. You stand outside the bar and give away flyers inviting MEN to have a drink. My mind was like "What*&^%%()???" and then you get 10euros extra for every man that comes in. It was one of those really uncomfortable situations when you have no idea where you are but it's definitely not the right place then you feel unsafe and you burst into laugh when leaving because you realize that you've just been interviewed for a job in whorehouse or something.

Anyways, I'm still throwing my CV everywhere and hopefully I'll soon be hired! 

Life is beautiful! And Kristina really needs a job as well! So if you know anything about jobs in Barcelona, let me know! Translating works for me as well!

And that's how job hunting looks like through my phone's lens:
That might look like I'm drinking a weird stuff but that's Terere! Argentine cold version of mate. Gonna make a video how to make it! Because it's amazing during the summer time!

In love with fruits!


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