BCN Wicked Job Experience

Once again I'd like to stress that it is NOT easy to get a proper job here in Barcelona. Even though you speak 3 languages or 4 languages and have a degree. You're still just a regular person in the city. Most of the English speakers are teaching English (like some of my flatmates) and others are just lucky to get something, so I suppose I am lucky. For those who are still wondering which job I chose I want to assure you that it is definitely NOT the odd slutty place. My job is basically socializing. Yup, easy enough but at the same time a little bit exhausting. What I do is:
1. Walking tours about Gaudi architecture - let me know when you're in town!
This lamp was designed by Gaudi and these palm trees were brought up to Barcelona by Bacardi family!

2. Flamenco and tapas tasting - amazing Catalan style Flamenco show called Rumbeta and tapas tasting included. So literally I get paid to go to the show and eat with other people. 

3. Pub crawls - not my favorite part but you get to party for free so it supposed to be insanely fun but didn't have that much fun doing it 2 last times. Instead of having a great time 2 nights ago I ended up sleeping on the stairs of my apartment because my phone died and Kristina had the key. When I got comfortable I heard neighbors saying in Spanish "There's a girl sleeping on the floor! We should call the police! Joodeeer, etc." so then I decided to go to Gabi's my dear Argentine friend who gave me the key to her place where I just fell asleep on her bed meanwhile her roommate was just waking up (embarrassing). That's basically my work. 
To conclude what I'm doing I'd just say - talk a lot and be funny which obviously is not a problem for me but it might be a little bit exhausting. Anyways, sounds like a wicked job and hopefully it will become! Wish me luck!
Meanwhile still doing job hunting...went for an interview in a vintage shop (well that would be a perfect place for me wouldn't it???) and my flatmates just made me look like a 50's princess! Really need to share it because I felt incredibly dressed too much but when I came to the shop I thought "well that might work". Just got to share it because I don't look like this everyday... 

Do you think I could pull it off?? :D



  1. Hello Saruni!
    My name is Ilona, and I found your log several days(weeks) ago through the WTD Bloggger´s Competition. :) I found it very interesting and somehow similar to the things I blog about (well, more or less) :)
    I am also an immigrant living in Valencia, so when I read you it is like reading my own thoughts. I also made once an interview in Valencia to work in the same position as you, but they didn´t hire me, I guess they thought that i am too shy and not a party animal like they needed :D But that was ok... hehe
    I will check your blog more often, enjoy your summer and hope we can keep in touch! :)

    1. Hey Iloshka! So good to hear that I'm not alone hahaha send me the link to your blog, I wanna see how is it going for you :))